forum foxes 2

 [img] smilies/fox.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/Frog3.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/Frog04.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/frog.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/gerbil.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/giraffe.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/Gorrilla.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/HamsterDance.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/hamsterwheel.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/hedgie2.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/hippo.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/horse1.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/horse.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/Hypocampe.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/kangaroo.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/kittydance.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/ladybug.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/lion.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/LionKing.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/llama.gif[/img] 

 [img] smilies/lobster.gif[/img] 

Feel free to use the smilies on your forums. Just copy the URL under the smilie you want and copy it in your forum post.
If you don't know how to copy and paste:
1. Select the URL (move over the URL while pressing the left mouse button down)
2. Click with the right mouse on the selected URL and click on "Copy" (or press Ctrl+C)
3. Go to the post of your forum wherein you want to paste the smilie
4. Click with the right mouse on your post and click on "Paste" (or press Ctrl+V)
That's it. If you preview the post, you will see the smilie on your post ;)
All these smilies are free, so you also may copy and use them on your websites and forums. This collection of smilies is assembled by Forum Foxes 2 and Foxes Paranormal.